Starting a Lekha

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Lekha writing camps

A Successful Franchise Model

Lekha Publishers, LLC has been conducting programs for the past seven years using a successful franchise model. In 2014, Lekha entered the franchise business as Lekha Writing Centers.

The Ideal Franchisee

The ideal franchisee is a person who:

  • Believes in Individualism and Expressionism.
  • Is able to meet initial investment requirements.
  • Has high personal standards.
  • Can hire passionate, dedicated staff.
  • Has a strong network of local contacts
  • Understands the Lekha curriculum that encourages art and creativity
  • Has a basic knowledge of using the internet

The best Lekha Ink franchisees will be great sales people and will operate with complete integrity in the education business. We ideally will find candidates who have some past experience in education working with children like possibly former teachers, but it is not critical that they have this past experience. Business Skills the franchisees will need to operate the franchised business include the following:

  • Basic bookkeeping/record keeping/charting
  • Computer skills
  • Banking skills
  • Academic Skills
  • The ability to work with all types of people.

The number one quality we will look for in a potential candidate for Lekha Ink is their comfort level and ability to work with children and their families.

Be educated in our curriculum with a focus on art and creativity. In our experience we’ve found it’s important for a kid to be open to the idea of loving writing before they’re able to improve upon their writing. We emphasize a strategy where we encourage the child to first get their ideas down on paper and then worry about grammar and spelling later.

Once you have a solid curriculum that consists of eight one-hour lessons, you can begin calling city Parks and Recreation departments and private schools.

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